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We know how important materials are to fuel-cells and electrolyzers. Especially when it comes to the membrane, limitations in durability, conductivity, hydrogen crossover, and operational conditions in terms of humidity and temperature impose significant challenges for final device properties. We are here to change that.


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The Celadyne material is a new membrane that necessitates no compromise and promises ease of use. It is a nanocomposite that can be formed like traditional polymeric membranes but offer many benefits of a ceramic separator such as lower hydrogen crossover. It also works at low humidity and elevated temperature conditions


Here are key highlights of what the material can offer

Thinner membranes

Lower hydrogen permeability means thinner membranes without compromise.

Low humidity-elevated temperatures

Conduction does not rely on hydration. Access higher temperatures and lower humidity for better catalyst durability.

Lower cost

Half the price of the incumbent.


Meet the team behind it all.

Gary Ong, PhD

CEO and Founder

Delia Milliron, PhD

CSO and cofounder


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